Team Polo Pati de St Barth

Posted on November 30 2015

At Laurence Lédée we practice the Polo family. Focus on the sport, which is more than a sport; a passion. Laurence is a native of Nantes since her childhood she practices riding, competing. His passion for horses is such that it describes them as pets. They are endowed with compassion, understanding and also a great listen. Laurence horse, race Argentina, feel his moods, demanding caresses, the following, they are part of the family. After years of competition, Laurence must slow down to concentrate on his studies and discovered, through friends, polo. Polo horses are mounted differently. The four reindeer are in his left hand, mallet in the right hand, and we need to score goals in the opposing camp. His first experience was memorable. Laurence is a rider course, but did not expect to be run by his horse. She misses the ball for a first surprising. But his horse, which he is a fan of polo turned around and galloped to go catch his opponent without Laurence had told him to do. Fortunately she was well hung. That day she was able to realize the playful spirit of the horses. It was the beginning of a new passion, combine gambling and horses for a moment of pure happiness. Polo practice with 4 players per team, a game consists of 4 periods of 7 minutes minimum 30. Each player has 4 horses; a horse not to exceed 7 minutes 30 effort, polo does practicing at full gallop. There are also two referees on horseback. This makes a minimum total of 34 horses for a single match. No. 3 is the professional player and he distributes the game. 1 and 2 are the attackers, the defender is # 4. The priority in this sport is to never put his horse in a dangerous position, know avoid accidents, even to the competition in second place. At least that's how we practice polo at Laurence. At the end of his studies, Laurence comes to settle in St Barthélemy. There she will meet her husband, a native of the island; and they have two son, a few years later. The passion for horses is at the heart of this family, which, at the time, likes to wander the ranch Flemings and on the beach. During their holiday in France, boys are quickly introduced to polo on the beach of La Baule. Since they created a team and try to compete. We love the family stories, the overflowing passions and this is why Pati St Barth wanted to create a polo in their own image. We hope it will bring them luck in their season. The next competitions are scheduled for April 2016, pending they train 2 times a week, always with family. We wish them a good season!



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