Our Mission

Posted on May 16 2016

Pati de St Barth Mission Blog

The world has come to a place where true happiness is living in the moment and enjoying the simple things life has to offer. Spending time with those we love, enjoying the warm rays of sun while dozing off at the beach, our phones hidden away,  and our minds celebrating the moment. That is true luxury, and there is no better embodiment of this way of life than the spirit of the beautiful island of St Barth. 

Pati de St Barth is a brand that was born in St Barth over 25 years ago when Pati moved to the island in the early 80's to find inspiration as an artist, and to escape the general hectic life of the city. To make a living, she began to paint logos on T-shirts. This is how the infamous logo ST BARTH FRENCH WEST INDIES was born.

At the time, St Barth was even more secluded than it is today, with just a few mini-moks  zooming along the winding roads leading to the wild beaches of Colombier, Saline or Gouverneur. Gustavia was then a quiet port, and Pati spent her days in joyous escape, painting, swimming, and enjoying life day by day.

The years have passed, but some things haven't changed in St Barth: locals are still sipping their aperitifs at sunset at Le Select, the beaches are still pristine and wild, and visitors continue to return year after year to this idyllic island to relive the magical moments that only St Barth can offer. 

Likewise, Pati the artist and designer, still lives the magical simple life she sought so many years ago, even though today she has 3 boutiques throughout the island and her ubiquitous logo continues to be embraced by locals and visitors alike.

We are thrilled to announce that Pati de St Barth is setting sail to new adventures with a unique capsule collaboration with J Crew, a beachwear collection that blends the laid-back aesthetic and vibes of St Barth of the late 70s through a sun washed palette of pareos, bathing suits, and the "never-leave-St-Barth-without"  soft T-shirts featuring our iconic logo, in new soulful motifs.

Please discover our latest collections on www.patidestbarth.com as we continue to offer you a collection of clothing that will make those who wear it always feel true to themselves and never out of place.

Laid-back is the new luxury.