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When and how did a friend made start as a brand? how did you come up with this wonderful name ? We know there’s a good story there....

Amy: We've been collecting these beautiful indigo blankets from West Africa for years and knew we would eventually use them for something other than throw blankets for our home. The kids and I spend the Summers in California while Matthew commutes back and forth from New York. For our 10th anniversary, Matthew made me a poncho using one of his favorite Indigo blankets and sent it to me out West. I wore it all Summer. People would often stop me and ask where I got it from? I would tell them "oh my husband made this for me for our anniversary". When we returned to NYC, friends began asking if Matthew could also make them a piece. He started making them for friends and thus "a friend made" organically began making and selling pieces to our friends.

Matthew: We started making pieces for Amy and people stopped her on the street and ask "who made it?" So when we started to think of a name My Husband sounded strange, so we came up with A Friend Made, honestly thinking in the beginning only friends of ours would buy...


 Beautiful Indigo garments created and crafted by A Friend Made


You work as a perfect duo, as husband and wife. How does that translate in every day life when it comes to a friend made ?

Amy: Truth be told, Matthew was my first boss at GAP Inc. My dear friend Julie got me the interview. When she asked how it went I said "I don't want to work for him I want to date him!" We've always worked well as a team both professionally and personally. We're celebrating our 15 year wedding anniversary this month, worked around the globe together and have two incredible kids West and Finn. As far as AFM goes, Matthew is the Maker and I am the Chief.

Matthew: We each have our role like any relationship. I design and Amy merchandises, markets(mainly by wearing AFM) manages the web, invoicing, etc. pretty much everything and as long as I know MY part it works out...


Perfect Team : Amy and Matthew


Tell us about your love for Indigo.... So St Barth and so California! You also love stripes which is so French and American all at once. Tell us more !

Amy: Our family has always loved denim and stripes. I attribute the love of denim to my childhood. I grew up in Bakersfield, California. Many of my parents friends are ranchers who live in denim. My parents still refer to jeans as LEVIS. I’m also Basque so french boatneck stripes have always been part of my classic style.

Matthew: I still remember my first smell of raw denim growing up at the local hardware store, Amy's was in a feed store. The love grew over time culminating in a year and half living and working in Tokyo. Stripes have been a shared affinity. I cannot tell you the number of Breton stripe boatnecks we've owned over the years.


Could you tell us a little bit about the creative and structural process that goes into turning these beautiful sheets of indigo cotton into these lovely one-of-a kind garments?

Amy: I let Matthew take this one as he's the Maker. But what I love about the process is the way the indigo cloth speaks to its history and beauty. Matthew really allows the blanket to guide him to make the piece never forcing the design. Every piece of cloth is saved and archived for later use ; wasting nothing.

Matthew: Each garment is crafted from West African blankets that are hand selected for color, pattern, and quality. The blanket then naturally align to a silhouette making sure to utilize the selvedge edge of each strip, trying to minimize any cutting. Creating one piece, out of one blanket, is a challenge and beautiful when complete. We are mixing more blankets together recently which has broaden the styling and variety we are able to share with "friends".


Matthew at work


Which beach destination is your favorite? If you haven’t been to St Barth yet, we hope you will include it in your list of warm laid-back beach destinations to head to soon!

Amy: We summer in California in Carpinteria. As soon as I see the palm trees and the California sunlight I'm home. We named our daughter West after the West Coast and if Matthew would have had it his way our son Finn would have been named Coast. A close second is Australia. I love Byron Bay. St. Barth is next on my list! Can't wait to go and add it to my beach favorites.

Matthew: Correct we have not yet visited St. Barth, but we now have friends there, so we will for sure make it down. Best beach...probably tie between Rincon, CA and Byron Bay, AUS.


We are so excited to be collaborating with you on these very special made to order pieces. We love the baja hoodie and the poncho you have created for this purpose. How do you feel about this new collaboration with pati de st barth ? :)

Amy: We loved collaborating with pati de st barth. Our shared passion for laid back luxury, indigo and stripes made it the perfect match.

Matthew : We're excited to have made new friends and glad to find partners that share a love of indigo and stripes .

 Pati de St Barth X A Friend Made

Our unique Pati de St Barth "Island" Baja Hoodie



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