THIS IS ..... Juliette Longuet!

Posted on August 31 2016


Last February, in St Barth!


A true French but also long-time New Yorker, Juliette is a woman of many talents. Fashion designer, consultant for luxury brands, passionate globe trotter, travel journalist, and social media influencer, Juliette is also an aficionado of St Barth and we are very proud to do our first “THIS IS…” serie interview with her!


Juliette, how and when did you first discover St Barth?

I discovered St Barth 13 years ago with my husband when we traveled there during a Thanksgiving long weekend.

We both became addicted immediately and have been returning to the island ever since, a couple of times a year.


St Barth is ————— ? (Please describe it in one word)



 Would you liken yourself more to a  “laid-back iguana”, a “hungry barracuda ” or an "athletic goat”? ;)

I am definitely a "hungry barracuda" as I like to enjoy different beaches during the day, I go to various hotels for lunches and I love family restaurants.

I mix farniente, shopping, swimming, meeting friends, family time...

As soon as I arrive on the Island I am relaxed.  I don't need a few days to adapt as I know it well.


What is your favorite place on the island? 

I have trouble picking one single favorite place on the island! I like switching things up and I always enjoy going back!


 Can you share a moment in St Barth you will always remember? 

I discovered I was pregnant with my daughter (my second child) while in St Barth at the end of a two week stay on the island.

We now love going back with both of our children.


 When did you buy your first pati de st barth T-shirt? Do you still have it? (Don’t worry if you don’t have one… but we’ll have to send you one!)

My first Pati de St Barth T-Shirt was the striped mariniere with orange logo from your collaboration with J Crew and I love it!





You can learn more about Juliette Longuet from her website or follow her on instagram @juliettelonguet.