THIS IS.... Teresa Pemberton-Jouany

Posted on January 07 2017


Teresa Pemberton-Jouany is a well-known make-up artist, but also a free and rare spirit who has the most special connection to St Barth, as it is there that she met the love of her life and got inspired to make her ultra pure essential oils collection: Paramoure Oils.

From NYC to a life surrounded by horses in Tampa to St Barth, discover Teresa's insightful tips and love of St Barth.


Teresa, how and when did you first discover St Barth?

I discovered St Barth some years ago while reading an article about an adventurous woman who had started a line of oils in her barn. She had imported and reconstructed the barn from Normandy. Her body oils were made from avocado oil and also one that was made from a deep red island berry called Roucou, so the tan was amazingly sexy and beautifully bronze.

SO FRENCH for an American girl living in Laurel Canyon California ! How could I not try to find her...



St Barth is ———————? (one word please)

St Barth is sensually seductive - and I mean a full body mind soul and spirit seductive. From the air - to the oceans - to the smells - the taste - all seduce our senses.


Would you liken yourself most to a “laid-back iguana”, a “hungry barracuda ” or an "athletic goat”? ;)

I have been all three of these at one time or another - but these days the iguana is closest to my laid-back feel. I just do not like the thought of dry skin !!!!!! That is my infatuation with OILS !!!!! totally.




What is your favorite place on the island?

I have so many love affairs with so many parts of St Barth, but one special spot for me is Toiny. I have a ritual that I do there that is magic. At the end of each year I place an alter and say quiet prayers there. I offer flowers to the sea and have wishes for the new year and for the planet .


Can you share a moment in St Barth you will always remember?

A moment that I will always remember is dancing on New Years Eve, between 2 beautiful Italian boys and watching the young man - who was watching me  - and who would later tell me that it was in that moment that he decided he would marry me - and we did - so beautifully on Saline beach surrounded by his St Barth’s family and friends from all over the world… 



When did you buy your first pati de st barth T-shirt? Do you still have it? (Don’t worry if you don’t have one… but we’ll have to send you one!)

I bought several Pati de St Barth t-shirts and have been a Pati enthusiast since her start - she is such a lovely and talented artist and has become a dear friend - she holds the spirit of St Barth deep in her being.