This is ... Youri Djorkaeff!


Youri Djorkaeff is a legend in the world of international soccer, having won many important matches for AS Monaco, Paris St Germain and Inter Milan, as well as the World Cup in ’98 and the Euro Cup in 2000 for France. A New Yorker for the last 15 years, Youri is also a true family man, and a regular of St Barth, where he often comes with his wife Sophie, their sons Sacha and Oan, and their daughter Angelica. Discover how this soccer champion enjoys the laid-back beauty of St Barth and its local fauna…..


Youri, how and when did you first discover St Barth?

I discovered St Barth about five years ago, when I was invited to play for the Palm Cup match against the St Barth team. I immediately fell in love with the island. I wasn’t expecting the lush vegetation, the mountainous terrain, and those wild beaches. As we say in French, I had a “gros coup de coeur”, and ever since I return 3 times a year. The fact that I have organized twice the YDF Cup (a soccer game for which proceeds benefit underprivileged children in NYC) in St Barth has truly brought me closer to the island, because the locals, like the island are very endearing.



St Barth is ———————? (one word please)

La joie de vivre!


Would you liken yourself most to a “laid-back iguana”, a “hungry barracuda ” or an "athletic goat”? ;)

 I would say a mix between the “hungry barracuda” and the “athletic goat” as I have tried to catch both while in St Barth, and never managed to!! Once, while scuba diving, I found myself nose to nose with a barracuda and I think I actually walked on water, I escaped so fast. It’s also so surreal to see goats casually hanging around the beaches of St Barth while you’re there lying on the beach. That still fascinates me.



What is your favorite place on the island?

The Beach of Colombier. The path to arrive to that beach is extraordinary, as it is along a cliff, and the view is really special. I once had the opportunity to share an illicit BBQ and a beer( illicit because you’re not supposed to have cookouts there) with locals there, and it was a memorable time for sure.


Can you share a moment in St Barth you will always remember?

The moment that comes to mind is seeing the football stadium of St Barth full of local spectators and my close friends from NYC, all there together, when we organized the YDF Cup. I was so happy to have been able to share these incredible moments with all the children there who loved seeing the champions up close.



When did you buy your first Pati de St Barth t-shirt? Do you still have it? (Don’t worry if you don’t have one… but we’ll have to send you one!)

I love the t-shirt that you guys gave me from your boutique a few years ago. It’s soft and simple and has your logo on the front. I always wear it when I go running in Central Park back in NYC.