$ 190.00



A timeless classic with just the right amount of spirit, these cashmere crewnecks feel like second skin. Slip them under layers in winter, pair them with your favorite denim, or dress them up with the perfect skirt, these crewneck sweaters are perfect for a trip to a seaside town, or a day at the office. The logo on the back is discreet  and in a complimentary color.


Fits true to size.  

Composition: 100 % cashmere- a natural and renewable material.

Hand-made and hand sewn in Nepal.


Care: Wash your cashmere by hand in lukewarm water with baby shampoo or a gentle detergent, or on gentle cycle at 30 Celsius in your washing machine, then lay flat to dry on a towel. Protect your cashmere in the Summer month from moths with lavender or cypress oil essence.