• IN COLLABORATION.... with A Friend Made

    Posted on July 22 2017

    - When and how did a friend made start as a brand? how did you come up with this wonderful name ? We know there’s a good story there.... Amy:...

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  • THIS IS ... Géraldine Danon!

    Posted on April 23 2017

    - -- An adventurer at heart, Géraldine Danon didn’t hesitate to take a well deserved break from her successful acting career to travel the world with her husband Philippe Poupon,...

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  • The St Jean Collection

    Posted on March 19 2017

              Pati de St Barth’s boutiques have been on the island for over 30 years and have been selling beloved basics in vivid colors for years....

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  • THIS IS.... Youri Djorkaeff!

    Posted on February 08 2017

      Youri Djorkaeff is a legend in the world of international soccer, having won many important matches for AS Monaco, Paris St Germain and Inter Milan, as well as the...

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  • THIS IS.... Teresa Pemberton-Jouany

    Posted on January 07 2017

      Teresa Pemberton-Jouany is a well-known make-up artist, but also a free and rare spirit who has the most special connection to St Barth, as it is there that she...

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  • A Moment with Pati

    Posted on November 16 2016

    - - Pati, we know you arrived in St Barth in 1983. What were you looking for when you came to the island, and what made you fall in love...

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  • THIS IS ..... Juliette Longuet!

    Posted on August 31 2016

        A true French but also long-time New Yorker, Juliette is a woman of many talents. Fashion designer, consultant for luxury brands, passionate globe trotter, travel journalist, and social...

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  • What it means to live in St Barth... by Pati

    Posted on August 12 2016

      Living without keys, leaving the door open.
 Being friends with a builder, a fisherman, a banker.
 Going to see a movie under the stars in Lorient. And if it...

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  • Our Mission

    Posted on May 16 2016

    The world has come to a place where true happiness is living in the moment and enjoying the simple things life has to offer. Spending time with those we love,...

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  • Rencontre avec Cyril, Artiste calligraphe.

    Posted on May 02 2016

    Peux-tu nous parler, en quelques mots de la Calligraphie? La calligraphie, c’est tout simplement le travail de la lettre afin de la sublimer. Et comment perçois-tu TA calligraphie? C’est pour...

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  • Pati's tips about St Barth!

    Posted on April 10 2016

    If you want a nice sportive walk... Park next to Colombier's grocery, walk until the panoramic viewpoint... Admire the wild vegetation and smell its particular perfume...Walk down the path going...

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  • Jungle Bag

    Posted on January 06 2016

    The discovery of cultures is one of our priorities in Pati St Barth. That is why we participate in the development of Jungle Vine ® foundation. We are delighted to...

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  • Savaku, l'âme de St Barth

    Posted on January 06 2016

    Nous passons tous les jours devant et certains ne le remarquent même plus. Je vous présente Savaku, cette statue représente l'âme de St barth, en langue Arawak elle signifie l'esprit...

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  • Team Polo Pati de St Barth

    Posted on November 30 2015

    At Laurence Lédée we practice the Polo family. Focus on the sport, which is more than a sport; a passion. Laurence is a native of Nantes since her childhood she...

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  • Back to School

    Posted on September 15 2015

    Grandir à St Barth veut dire quitter St Barth. Après le collège, nos adolescents doivent quitter l'île pour continuer leurs études. Certains choisiront d'aller soit en Métropole, au Canada, d'autres...

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  • Paréos St Barth

    Posted on August 11 2015

    Le paréo est l'une des pièces phares de l'été. Ca tombe bien, les vacances ne sont pas encore terminées ! On l'adopte en drap de bain et en robe de...

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  • 7ème édition du Summer Yoga Camp

    Posted on July 21 2015

    Depuis le 15 juillet jusqu'au 18 aout prochain, la 7ème édition du St Barths Summer Camp Yoga Challenge propose des cours de remise en forme, centrés sur le yoga et...

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  • Coup d'envoi de la St Barth Cata-Cup !

    Posted on November 19 2014

    C'est aujourd'hui que débute la St Barth Cata Cup... Avec cette 7 édition, cette régate réservée aux catamarans de sport, s'affirme comme l'un des événements nautiques majeurs de Saint-Barth !...

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  • Un festival de gastronomie à Saint-Barth

    Posted on October 30 2014

    C'est aujourd'hui que débute le festival gastronomique "Taste of St Barth" ! Après un galop d'essai réussi l'année dernière, le festival Taste of St Barth se déroulera de nouveau dans...

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  • Zoom sur la réserve naturelle de Saint-Barthélemy

    Posted on October 21 2014

    On la connait tous de nom mais sait-on réellement quelles sont les missions de la Réserve Naturelle de Saint-Barthélemy  ? On fait un point pour vous ! Toutes les réserves...

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  • On a aimé : le festival Burning man

    Posted on September 26 2014

    Every year at the end of August, nearly 70 000 people are found in the Black Rock Desert in Nevada, to participate in this artistic gathering, as crazy as poetic....

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